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Introducing LOGIX™ Insulated Concrete Forms. Based on the simple concept of interlocking blocks, LOGIX ICF gives you a wall system that's durable, quick to build, quieter, energy-efficient and comes with a 3-hour fire resistance rating.
WHO WE ARE: LOGIX is owned by five ICF manufacturers that operate across North America. Backed by over 50 years of manufacturing experience, LOGIX offers that features most valued by the industry and the consumer.
OUTSTANDING SERVICE: LOGIX treats each sale as the beginning, not the end, of a relationship. We're with you every step of the way, offering advice on design and installation, backed by reliable technical support. We provide contractor training through our numerous regional technical support offices.
VALUE TO THE CONSUMER: For homeowners looking to save time and money, LOGIX is the ideal solution for several reasons - better insulation, quicker delivery and installation, and the relative ease of finding contractors with expertise in using LOGIX forms.

Legalett is a pioneer in Frost Protected Shallow Foundations with air based in-floor radiant heating. Legalett has quickly gained popularity in North America as one of the best most efficient ways to heat a building.
The advantages of building with Legalett Frost Protected Shallow Foundation / Radiant Floor heat are:
UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: The LEGALETT floor system is a unique ICF technology, combining engineered slab on grade technology and air based radiant floor heating, which can be connected to virtually any heat source. Legalett helps meet energy standards such as ENERGY STAR AND R-2000. The unique LEGALETT technology simultaneously eliminates the need for footings and frost walls for slab on grade construction.
SIMPLE TO INSTALL: The LEGALETT system provides for a faster and more efficient site preparation due to the use of a flat gravel bed. The simple
installation of the LEGALETT components in the slab also increases installation efficiency. Permanent edging units, which eliminate traditional formwork,
allows a short construction time.

EVEN, COMFORTABLE AND HEALTHY INDOOR LIVING ENVIRONMENT: Due to the LEGALETT foundation’s heat-storage properties, an even stable indoor
climate is maintained even when there is a quick change in the weather. LEGALETT ensures warm and comfortable floors while meeting heating needs
(building transmission losses). The quality of building construction and air changes affect building heating requirements. Modern construction practices
together with a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system and integral in-duct pre-heater offer a very pleasant indoor climate with the LEGALETT system.

The closed loop pipe system does not require cleaning or maintenance. The air pipes do not have the leakage risks of a
water system. There is no limit to the lifetime of the pipe system. The fan and the heating unit are installed in the closed system with easy access.
This allows for ideal operating conditions during the lifespan of the heating unit. Should there be a need for servicing, the unit can be easily repaired or

CONVENIENT FOR THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED: The low entry height of a slab on grade and the heated floor make the LEGALETT system very
convenient for the physically challenged as well as for small children and infants.
HEAT DURING POWER OUTAGES: The heat storage system is advantageous in the event of a power outage. Due to the slab’s ability to store
energy, it can release its large store of heat over a long period of time.

CONSTRUCTION: As soon as concrete is poured, a Legalett Construction Heater is connected to the pipe heating system. This effectively dries out
the slab evenly, a process that can continue throughout the construction period. In addition to extending the construction season, this has
advantages for the entire building process. Painting and floor laying can be carried out at an earlier stage than with conventional construction methods.
(Traditional building heaters need not be used.)

LEGALETT IS A GREEN CHOICE: It helps meet energy efficient standards, including Energy Star, R-2000 and gives LEED points.